Jewish Sustainable Values in Action
EcoJews has been a Jewish environmental resource and events hub in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2004. 

Our central focus is the EcoJews TREES Initiative: Torah for Repairing the Environment and Educating Stewards. The goal of TREES is to inspire and empower Jewish organizations to go green(er), and the entire community is invited to participate! Volunteers wanted.

Through workshops, consulting and online resources, we are providing the tools to help JCCs, synagogues, and other organizations work towards environmental sustainability.

Our Mission

The mission of EcoJews of the Bay is to inspire environmental action through Jewish values. 

2nd Annual Festival for the Trees
Wednesday, Feb. 4th - Tu B'shvat
6-9 PM at The Women's Building, San Francisco

*NEW* 10 Tips for Greening Your Organization

1. Ban purchasing of bottled water for events, meetings and classes.

2. Offer members the option to receive electronic mailings rather than using paper.

3. Set up a system to compost used paper towels from restrooms (if accepted by waste hauler). You’ll need compostable liners, proper janitorial training and educational signage.

4. Pair well-marked recycling and garbage bins together throughout your facility.

5. Set computers and printers to double sided printing as the default.

6. Purchase copy paper with a minimum 30% postconsumer recycled content.

7. For organizations with schools and day camps, implement a “no idling” policy for the parent pickup line.

8. Install motion sensor controls for lighting in closets, stairways, restrooms, etc.

9. Install simple faucet aerators on sinks.

10. Contact EcoJews' TREES Initiative for help today!

Get Involved

We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old. To get involved or subscribe to our direct email list, please email us here or at Please also visit us on Facebook here!


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